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Swimming Pool Removal

Have a pool that needs to go away? Many people tire of the constant maintenance and upkeep costs associated with having a pool. We remove both above ground and in-ground pools. Here’s a quick rundown of our process:

  •  Above ground pools are relatively inexpensive to remove. We drain the pool, remove the pump plumbing and wiring, haul the pump, pool, and any decking, and clean the work area. We can even re-landscape the old pool area as if it was never even there.
  •  In-ground pools are more complex. For a vinyl-lined pool, after draining the pool we remove the liner, then cut out and haul off the steel skirt. Next, we break up the concrete pad surrounding the pool and lay it on the deep end of the pool. Then, we bring several tons of brick or stone fill material to cover any voids between slabs of concrete. This prevents soil from seeping into the cracks over time and creating a sinkhole. We then bring in fill soil, stopping to compact every 1′ of fill. Finally, we finish grade the area to prevent any standing water, and either spread Ryegrass covered with straw, or install a landscape in the old pool area.
  • Gunite pools are much more work to deconstruct properly. The first step is critical. Using a hydraulic hammer, we break up the entire pool so that water can escape through the sides and bottom. This is a time-consuming process, but skipping this step will result in a swampy mess down the road. We then deconstruct the top 2′ or 3′ of the pool sides, as well as the pad surrounding the pool, and lay the debris in the deep end of pool. After covering concrete with stone or brick fill, we install soil and compact in 1′ lifts, then finish grade to prevent standing water and either sow grass seed or install a landscape.

If you have an old pool that you are considering removing, call ‪(864) 256-1887‬ for a free quote.

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