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Commercial Demolition

Commercial property in Spartanburg, South Carolina isn’t always easy to find. If you own a property that’s unusable due to an old, or unsafe building, it shouldn’t go to waste. Demolition services aren’t only for large high-rises in busy cities. Light commercial demolition is a way for you to rid your valuable property of unsightly structures so you can start with a clean slate.Spartanburg, zSC Commercial Demolition

Whether you want to build a modern building for your new business or sell your commercial property to a prospective buyer, Upstate Demolition Services can help you completely clear the space so you’re ready for the next phase of development. Upstate Demolition Services is a full-service demolition company taking care of the needs of residents in the Spartanburg and upstate South Carolina area. Our commercial services provide 100% complete demolition services from paperwork to spotless cleanup, making your land ready for any kind of new construction.

Complete Commercial Demolition Services

The Upstate Demolition team has been serving the residents of Upstate South Carolina for over a decade. We’re experts at what we do, and we leave no stone unturned. When you need your commercial land cleared, you don’t need a list of tasks to take care of yourself. That’s why we provide 100% demolition services that don’t require you to lift a finger. Our 100% demolition services for commercial structures include:

  • Permits and Documentation: Local and state ordinances can be tough to learn and follow. For businesses that fail to comply with these regulations, fines can quickly add up. Our team is familiar with all the permits and documentation you need before demolition begins. We take care of the entire permitting process, collect the proper documents, and make sure everything is prepped for a smooth demolition process.
  • Utilities Check: Safety precautions are essential for any demolition process. No matter how long your building has been uninhabited, it’s essential to make sure all utilities are safely disconnected and capped before demolition begins. Our experts take safety seriously. We have the experience to efficiently take care of utilities, leaving nothing to chance.
  • Complete Removal: We completely dismantle the complete structure and carefully remove all debris and discard everything in an environmentally responsible way. Nothing is left behind that could cause harm or impede the process of new construction. Your property is a completely clean slate, ready for whatever you have planned for the future.
  • Prepped to Code: When we say your property will be ready, we mean it. When we’re finished, your property will be ready and well-suited for any future plans. We have never had a project fail final inspection.

Upstate Demolition Streamlined, Stress-Free Process

Our goal is to provide complete commercial demolition services for our customers with no hassles and headaches for you. That’s why we’ve streamlined a totally transparent process so you’ll know what to expect, and completely avoid all the stress typically related to a commercial demolition project. From paperwork to complete removal, we take care of all the work, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Demolition is all about removing your burdens for a new beginning. Here’s what you can expect when you call us to take care of your commercial demolition project.

  • Our process starts with your phone call. We’re standing by to walk you through our demolition process. A member of our team will immediately discuss the specific needs and challenges of your unique project, answer your questions, and give you an estimate right away. You’ll get off the phone with a clear idea of your next steps and budget for your project.
  • On-site Visit: Our local expert will visit your property and determine exactly what equipment we’ll need and the specific details of your unique project. This inspection will allow us to develop an exact timeline, customize the plan to your property, and create an exact estimate for your complete project. You don’t even have to be present for the visit.
  • Permitting Process: Before we do anything, we make sure all the legal red tape is in order. You don’t have to do anything. Our experienced staff will handle 100% of the necessary forms and signatures.
  • Prepping the Site: Safety is our number one priority. Before we begin any demolition work, we disconnect and cap all utilities. We also take care of any preparations that will ensure the safety of our team and all people and property near the site.
  • Demolition Begins: As soon as all the necessary paperwork goes through and the site is ready, we’ll begin demolition. Our experts have the experience to quickly and efficiently take care of your project, so you can move forward with your future plans.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: After demolition, our team completely takes care of cleanup and responsible removal of all debris. We guarantee your lot will be completely prepared for whatever it will be used for in the future.

Additional Services Provided by Upstate Demolition Services

Upstate Demolition Services is proud to provide a variety of services to take care of all the demolition needs of residents in the Spartanburg and upstate South Carolina. We clear away fire damage, residential structures, swimming pools, or any other structures that need to be removed from your property. No matter how big or small your upstate South Carolina demolition project is, we’re prepared to clear your land for the next project on your list. Our complete list of demolition services include:

  • Residential Demolition: Residential demolition services include lot clearing, condemned building removal, and the removal of fire-damaged structures, and much more.
  • Mobile Home Removal: DIY mobile home removal can get messy and expensive. We fully remove your mobile home, clear the debris, and prep the land for future use.
  • Swimming Pool Removal: We can safely dismantle and remove your in-ground or above-ground swimming pool that’s damaged or no longer in use. We take care of complete debris removal, so you don’t have to worry about proper disposal.
  • Light Commercial Demolition: Increase the value of your commercial property with the removal of old, unwanted, or condemned buildings. Complete services include debris removal and prepping for future use.

Removal of dangerous or unsightly structures from your Spartanburg commercial property doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, the experts at Upstate Demolition Services will take care of the entire process from start to finish. All you have to do is make a phone call. Get in touch today to learn more about our commercial demolition services and get your free estimate right away.

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