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Full-Service Demolition in Seneca, SC

Let Us Partner In Your Home or Building Removal Project

When you have a structure or old building on your property that you need safely removed, it’s difficult to know exactly who to call. Upstate Demolition Services is a full-service demolition company couples the capabilities of a larger company with the flexibility and customer service advantages of a smaller team. We provide a full line of demolition services to professionally take care of residential and small to medium commercial demolition projects in the Seneca, South Carolina area.

As a 100% demolition company, we take care of the entire project from start to finish. From local permit requirements for demolition to professional disconnection of utilities, we perform every task your project requires. When the job is complete, you’re left with a clean slate.
Seneca, SC House Demolition

Professional and Stress-Free Solutions to Meet All Your Demolition Needs

Our team prioritizes safety and completes every project professionally without cutting corners. It’s our goal to safely remove damaged or condemned structures from your property with no hassles for you. Our demolition services for Seneca, and the surrounding South Carolina areas include the following.

Residential Demolition

There are a variety of reasons you may need demolition services on your personal property. We perform complete removal of damaged or aging homes and buildings from your commercial property without you even needing to learn about the permits required. We check ordinances in your area, complete the permit process, and professionally disconnect your utilities before getting started. Our residential demolition projects include: 

    • Homes: Most property owners don’t know about the permits they need or how to safely disconnect utilities. We take care of those services as well as the complete demolition and safe cleanup. Your home site will be prepped to code and prepared for a new build or other construction.
    • Fire-damaged homes or buildings: Fire damage is devastating and can leave dangerous partial structures behind. We take care of the safe removal and complete cleanup so you can move on.
    • Mobile home removal: Aging and damaged mobile homes have the same setup as any home. We take care of the proper permits and safely disconnect utilities before scrapping your damaged mobile home. Our safe removal of all debris ensures you will be 100% satisfied.
    • Swimming pool removal: Inground and gunite pools require complex procedures for proper removal and refilling. We take care of the complete removal of any type of pool and the attached decking. We finish by repairing your land to create a safe yard space or clean slate for your next project.

Commercial Demolition

Seneca, SC Commercial Demolition CompanyA condemned building or other unsightly structure can lower the value of your commercial property or prevent you from creating a new business. Whether you’re preparing a lot for sale or removing an old building so you can start fresh, our team provides complete demolition services so everything is swept away and you can start from scratch.

As a commercial property owner, you already have a lot on your plate. That’s why our commercial demolition services are designed to take the project out of your hands. While you’re focusing on the next stage of life for your commercial property, you can count on us to take care of your demolition tasks including:

      • Planning
      • Permits
      • Professional Utility Disconnection
      • Demolition
      • Cleanup and Grading Services

Fire Damage Demolition

The recovery process from fire damage can be slow and difficult. Our efficient complete fire damage demolition services can help you put the event behind you and prepare your property for a fresh start. There are few events as tragic as a house fire. Our team takes the burden of removal off your shoulders with a complete demolition and removal service so you don’t have to face the experience alone. Our fire damage demolition services handle everything, including:

      • Permits and Documentation
      • Utility Check and Disconnect
      • Complete Removal of all Debris
      • Prep Site to Code

Our Straightforward Process Clears the Way to your Future

At Upstate Demolition Services, we provide a transparent plan so you’ll know exactly what we do. If you call us for your residential or commercial demolition project, here’s what you can expect.

      • You start the process with a phone call. We’ll explain the process, discuss your specific needs, and give you a rough estimate right away. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions or share any concerns you have about your project.
      • A property walk shows us what to expect. We’ll visit the site to create a plan for your project. This will allow us to determine the equipment we’ll need and create a more exact timeline. You don’t even have to be there if your schedule is already full. 
      • We take care of the permitting process. Skip the hassle of paperwork. We’ll take care of 100% of the permitting process for you. After the proper permits are filed, we can safely disconnect utilities.
      • Demolition work begins. As soon as the paperwork is filed, we complete our safe and efficient demolition process. Everything is dismantled and safely removed from your property.
      • We finish with a complete cleanup to guarantee your satisfaction. We clean up all the debris and dispose of everything in an environmentally safe way. If your property requires grading after debris removal, we can complete landscaping services so your property is fully prepped for your next project.

When you need residential or commercial demolition services for your Seneca, South Carolina property, you need a professional demolition company you can count on to complete the job safely and correctly. Our team takes care of the legal responsibilities, safely prepares the property, and thoroughly clears away the debris, leaving you with a completely clean slate. Get in touch today to learn more about our demolition services or share information about your Seneca, South Carolina property.

Upstate Demolition Services